What are The Vegetarian Dishes, What are The Taboo Dishes?

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Learn about vegetarian diets

Veganism is a diet that only uses plant-based foods such as green vegetables, fruits, nuts, mushrooms, peanuts, etc., without using seafood or meat of animal origin. to prepare food.

Depending on different purposes and needs, there are many different forms and ways of vegetarianism. Currently, there are 5 popular forms of vegetarianism:

  • Vegan: A form of using all vegetarian foods.
  • Vegetarian form with eggs and milk: Eat eggs and milk but do not eat foods of animal origin such as meat and fish.
  • Vegetarian form with eggs: Do not eat dishes made from meat, fish, milk, but eat eggs.
  • Vegetarian form with dairy: Eliminate dishes made from meat, poultry, eggs, seafood but eat dairy foods.
  • Semi-vegetarian form: Do not eat meat-based dishes, but can still eat fish, eggs, and milk.
Thuc Pham Danh Cho An Chay 1
Vegetarian food needs to be full of nutrients and ensure nutrition

No matter how vegetarian you are, it is very good for your health. However, what should a vegetarian eat or what should a vegetarian include to remain healthy for living, studying and working is a question that receives a lot of attention.

Vegetarian food includes what – maybe you don’t know

You want to make a vegetarian meal for your family but don’t know what to do. Then immediately refer to the following list of popular vegetarian dishes :

  • Tofu dish with tomato sauce.
  • Mixed vegetarian soup is made from tofu, straw mushrooms, sweet potatoes, taro, and pumpkin.
  • Braised chicken thigh mushroom dish.
  • Not chai.
  • Mushroom soup, vegetarian vegetables.
  • Boiled vegetables.
  • Bitter gourd soup stuffed with tofu.
An Vegetarian Mixed Curry 2
Vegetarianism includes what foods are of interest to many people for the purpose of ensuring adequate nutrition

Vegetarians should not eat anything

All of us, especially young people, when hearing about vegetarianism, think that vegetarianism is not eating meat, but in fact, in addition to meat, vegetarianism also abstains from some taboo foods.

Meat – the first food not to eat

The first food that should not be eaten as a vegetarian is meat. Whatever form of vegetarianism you choose, the first rule is to abstain from meat. With a heart of compassion and charity, Buddhism believes that eating meat is killing life, which means that you are eliminating the opportunity to live for that animal. That’s why vegetarians don’t eat meat.

Carbonated, alcoholic, stimulant foods

Carbonated, alcoholic, potentially irritating foods are also one of the foods that should not be eaten when fasting. For example: coffee, carbonated drinks, beer, cigarettes, pipe tobacco, alcohol,… Because these foods have a significant impact on human health, spirit and life. Therefore, nutritionists around the world recommend that alcohol, beer, and stimulants should not be used.

The third is foods of animal origin

Foods of animal origin are also listed on the taboo list of foods that should not be eaten when fasting. For example: eggs, milk, cheese,… However, depending on which school of vegetarian you follow, there will be appropriate choices. For example, if you are a vegetarian with eggs, you can completely eat eggs but can’t eat meat, seafood, milk, cheese, etc.

Thit Thuc Pham Cam Ki Khi An Chay 2
One of the taboo foods when fasting

5 spices – five spices

Five spices are the name of five spices with hot and spicy properties such as garlic, palanquin, shallots, onions, and hung cu. When these spices are eaten, they will make the body smell bad, make people’s moods uncomfortable, quick-tempered, restless, but cultivating the mind is the most important thing in Buddhism. However, if you are not a vegetarian, you can still eat the five elements on weekdays.

A healthy, nutritious vegetarian diet

What does a vegetarian diet include to ensure science, balance, and meet nutritional requirements for all ages. Many people think that a vegetarian diet will not have enough nutrients for the body to absorb, not have enough energy to study, work, and exercise. However, if you have a healthy vegetarian diet, it will provide all the essential nutritional needs of the body.

To have a good, nutritious and nutritious vegetarian diet, you need to note the following:

  • Eat foods that contain essential nutrients such as: fruits, bread, milk, eggs, cereals, nuts.
  • Foods high in sugar, fat, and salt should be limited.
  • It is advisable to vary the variety of foods.
  • If you choose a strict diet, you should go to the nutrition and health counseling centers for the best advice.
Thuc Pham Danh Cho Phai An Thuan Chay Du Chat 4
Food for the vegan school but still have enough quality

Hopefully with the above sharing, we  can help you know what vegetarian dishes include to ensure adequate nutrition for the body. Follow to update other useful information about nutrition knowledge or culinary culture.

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