Get Beautiful Skin with Attractive Fruit Desserts

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Often fruits are used as juices, smoothies .. but few people know that fruits can also be varied with many different attractive desserts, not only helping to beautify the skin but also very delicious and eye-catching. .

First of all, the Berries Yogurt Kakigori – Ice yogurt with assorted berries: mulberry mulberry, raspberry raspberry, Da Lat fresh strawberry. It is not surprising that this dish quickly won the hearts of women because berries contain a lot of anti-aging vitamin C, vitamin C nutrients in strawberries will help destroy free radicals, help Collagen synthesis is continued to maintain the beauty of the skin.

Yogurt snow ice is made from home-made yogurt to freeze into ice, then pureed into ice. Each spoon of ice cream yogurt gently melts in your mouth, cool on the tip of your tongue, don’t forget to add slices of fresh mulberry, mulberry, and raspberry in turn to feel the sweet and sour taste of the fruit mixed with the taste. very characteristic aromatic yogurt. The 3 types of pure sauces and the accompanying crispy almond slices also make the dessert perfect! 

Beautiful skin with delicious fruit-based desserts 1

Berries Yogurt Kakigori with triple sauces- Ice yoghurt with assorted strawberries and sauce

Another fruit variation with snow ice is Mango Kakigori – Sweet mango snow ice selected from gardeners, enjoyed with a concentrated mango sauce. Each slice of fresh mango on snow combined with Hokkaido fresh cream gives you a fresh feeling from the ingredients that make up this dessert.

Beautiful skin with attractive desserts with variations from fruit 2

Mango Kakigori – Mango snow ice with Hokkaido fresh cream

If you are too bored with smoothies and juices, try with juice dishes that are creatively modified from fermented yogurt, aloe vera or fruit ice cream such as:

After buying fresh fruit and chopped aloe, squeeze some orange juice with fermented yogurt, mix the mixture together, you will have an unexpected nutritious drink when the fermented yogurt helps. Supports the digestive system very well, fruit and aloe vera help rejuvenate the skin and orange juice helps increase the body’s resistance. The plus point for this dish is that the taste is very fragrant and strange!

Beautiful skin with attractive desserts with variations from fruits 3

Healthy Plus with aloe vera and strawberry, mango, kiwi, orange with fermented yogurt

Another drink you should try is the Fruit Frappe. Fruit Frappe is a very popular premium fruit drink line in Italy. The difference of Fruit Frappe is the blending of pure Gelato fruit ice cream with milk (1 glass contains 4-5 ice cream), completely undiluted with ice. You will feel the fruit taste very clearly, cool, pure and special compared to any other smoothie you have ever had. You can try with Fruit Frappe ice cream flavors of guava, Japanese mandarin, cantaloupe, passion fruit, raspberries… Guaranteed you will love it!

Beautiful skin with attractive desserts with variations from fruits 4

Fruit Frappe – fruit ice cream such as guava, Japanese mandarin orange, cantaloupe, passion fruit, raspberry… blended with milk

If you are an ice cream lover but afraid of being fat, you can try Raspberry Parfait – Raspberry Parfait with sweet and sour taste of fruit and 1 piece of raspberry ice cream, 1 part of Panna Cotta with milk and fresh Hokkaido cream flavor. . Parfait was born in France in 1894, in English means “perfect” is a dessert characterized by many layers of cream, fruit, whipping cream… are contained in tall glasses that help us see get all the layers in Parfait.

Beautiful skin with attractive desserts with variations from fruits 5

Raspberry Parfait – Hokkaido raspberry and fresh cream Parfait

Or you can also enjoy Hokkaido ice cream on its own with fresh fruit or strawberry sauce. Fresh ice cream made from Hokkaido fresh milk from Japan is a dessert that is very popular with young Saigonese because of its sweet taste, not harsh, and gently melts in the mouth. Eat once, remember forever!

Beautiful skin with attractive desserts with variations from fruits 6

Topping Hokkaido Soft Cream – Hokkaido fresh cream with fresh fruit)

Not only with drinks, ice cream, fruits are also combined with Waffle, also known as honeycomb cake, a traditional Belgian cake, introduced to Vietnam recently, quickly winning your hearts. young. Waffle can be combined with fresh fruits such as kiwi, mango, strawberry, banana … with 1 passion fruit ice cream & mango sauce.

Beautiful skin with attractive desserts with variations from fruits 7

Mixed fruits Waffle – Waffle with fresh fruit

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