Top 7 Vegetarian Menus with Enough Nutrition, Right Way, and Scientifical

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How is the vegetarian menu to both provide adequate nutrition and meet the vegetarian needs of many people? Currently, this issue is becoming a concern of the majority of the community, especially vegetarians and macrobiotics.

Suggest 7 nutritious vegetarian menus for the whole week

In order to not have to worry about what vegetarian dish to cook today, today Nutri Ancan would like to introduce to you the top 7 menus for vegetarians that are both delicious and healthy.

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2nd vegetarian menu

What do you think when opening the new week with vegetarian dishes that are both light and frugal but provide all essential nutrients daily. So how should I prepare a vegetarian menu on the first Monday of the week to meet the above factors?

  • Breakfast: Nut milk + vegetarian dumplings

  • Lunch: Brown rice + sesame salt + broccoli soup

  • Dinner: Braised tofu + plum + rice.

  • Snack: nutritious cereal.

3rd Vegetarian Menu

The menu for vegetarians on Tuesday of the week includes the following dishes:

  • Breakfast: Vegetarian vermicelli: vermicelli + tofu + topping: raw vegetables,…

  • Lunch: Roasted beans + white rice or brown rice + sour soup + plums

  • Dinner: Spinach soup + rice + mixed tofu + plum

  • Snack: fruit, nuts milk,…

4th Vegetarian Menu

As one of the nutritious vegetarian menus, the 4th day menu gives you a variety of dishes that are not only delicious and easy to eat but also easy to prepare and provide enough energy for a long day of activities. .

  • Breakfast: Fruit juice + sticky rice with corn / sticky rice with gac / sticky rice with beans / sticky rice with peanuts.

  • Lunch: Vegetarian vermicelli + tomato + cucumber + vegetable salad.

  • Dinner: Potato soup + rice + fried squash + beans with tomato sauce + fruit.

  • Snacks: Fresh milk, papaya, pears, cereal milks,…

5th vegetarian menu

On the middle of the week, preparing a vegetarian menu full of plant-based proteins is something that makes many vegetarians feel a headache, but with a menu of rich and easy-to-follow vegetarian dishes below, it will help you have a satisfying vegetarian meal for the whole day:

  • Breakfast: Nutritious cereal flour.

  • Lunch: Stir-fried cove beans + brown rice or steamed rice + seaweed soup + boiled broccoli.

  • Dinner: Fruit + mixed mushroom hot pot

  • Snack: black bean tea.

Friday vegetarian menu

Belonging to one of the menus for vegetarians that are interested by many people, not only convenient and fast processing but also provide a lot of nutrients for the body, the vegetarian menu for the 6th day is indispensable for dishes. Eat below:

  • Breakfast: Vegetarian pasta: spaghetti + tomato sauce + mushrooms

  • Lunch: Broccoli soup + tofu with tomato sauce + white rice or brown rice + apple.

  • Dinner: Rice + cabbage soup + mushroom + apple.

  • Snack: fruit + cereals: almonds, walnuts, macadamia…

Saturday Vegetarian Menu

On the weekend, cook any vegetarian dish for the family that just meets the criteria: sufficient, delicious, healthy, the following food chain will make you satisfied:

  • Breakfast: Vegetarian beef ball noodles stir-fried with vegetables.

  • Lunch: Fried tofu with lemongrass + vegetarian bitter melon soup + rice + pickles + watermelon.

  • Dinner: Rice + hot vegetable soup cooked with straw mushrooms + braised young jackfruit + 1 grapefruit

  • Snack: Soy milk, ripe mango.

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Sunday vegetarian menu

In the vegetarian menu full of quality , both delicious and healthy for Sunday and weekend, it is indispensable for the following simple and easy vegetarian dishes:

  • Breakfast: Vegetarian mixed vermicelli: vermicelli + herbs + spicy fish sauce + peanuts + vegetable salad.

  • Lunch: Pumpkin soup + braised tofu + pickles + fried eggplant + rice + watermelon.

  • Dinner: Fried rice + vegetable salad + braised mushrooms + pineapple.

  • Snack: nutritious cereal powder + fruit.

Proper vegetarian menu, science brings good health?

With the list of menus for vegetarians above, it will ensure all the elements of quality, health and spirit for people. Because in vegetarian food contains a necessary amount of plant protein to be supplemented by the body. Here are some benefits of vegetarianism that you may not know:

Fasting helps to lose weight

In fact , vegetarian dishes are very diverse: vegetables, fruits, grains,… However, to keep our body weight at a safe level and maintain a healthy body, we should use it. Loaded with plant-based unsaturated fats such as vegetables, fruits and barley, brown rice, etc. The weight loss benefits of a vegetarian diet have also been proven in many scientific studies, That’s why vegetarians often keep a stable weight, a more balanced body when eating salty foods, meat and fish.

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Fasting can help improve fitness

Many people think that: Fasting will not help the body to be physically active. However, according to some studies, many athletes, from bodybuilding champions to tennis stars, have a vegan diet to stay in shape.

A vegetarian diet with enough nutrients, mainly from plants, is a way that can help people have more energy, less pain and better health, thereby having a faster recovery rate, and easier exercise. improve performance.

Helps to improve density index

Body mass index, also known as BMI, is a measure of body fat. A healthy weight index will increase your chances of living a long and healthy life, and at the same time, a macrobiotic diet (this is a healthy eating method that will reduce the risk of diseases such as cholesterol, stroke, etc.) , heart, cancer or bone,…).

The average BMI of vegetarians is lower than that of people with other diets. That is why when a vegetarian diet, especially a macrobiotic diet, helps to improve the density index.

Fasting is beneficial for the digestive system

Different from savory dishes made from normal fish and meat, vegetarian dishes with mainly vegetables and fruits are always rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins. Therefore, regular vegetarians are less likely to suffer from digestive disorders than those on a meat-based diet.

Usually, the menu for vegetarians will often include dishes made from: grains, vegetables, fruits and legumes, which are rich in fiber that will keep the body’s digestive system healthy. normal operation.

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The average adult person consumes about 2,000 calories per day. Therefore, in order to have a nutritious vegetarian menu, the ratio of starch – fiber – protein – fat – sugar food groups in the vegetarian diet needs to be balanced to provide adequate nutrients for the body. body.

In the menu for vegetarians , food is mainly based on fruits, vegetables, grains, etc., so it often lacks some minerals such as: B12, zinc, iron, … need to choose and coordinate foods and supplement vitamins and minerals in a reasonable way so as not to lack essential amino acids, vitamin B12, energy, zinc, iron.

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